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Murrp Original Slippers

Murrp Original Slippers

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Introducing Murrp Original Slippers - Where Comfort Meets Durability


🩴 PVC Perfection: Step into comfort and style with our Murrp Original Slippers, crafted from high-quality PVC material. These slippers are designed to elevate your everyday comfort.


💪 Strong and Durable: Our slippers provide a snug fit every time you slip them on. The durable PVC material ensures both comfort and peace of mind, making them a reliable choice for daily wear.


🌊 Fashionable and Versatile: These slippers aren't just for home; they're your perfect companions for any occasion. Pair them with bikinis, beach shorts, or beach suits for a stylish beach look, or enjoy their comfort and style in the comfort of your home.


🏖️ Lightweight and Waterproof: These slippers are all about quality. They offer a non-slip experience, thanks to their comfortable thick and soft sole. Whether you're by the pool or taking a leisurely stroll, they ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience.


🏠 Applicable Scenarios: From home lounging to casual walks, beach outings, and poolside relaxation, Murrp Original Slippers are versatile enough for any occasion. Wherever you go, these slippers will keep you comfortable and stylish.


🧼 Easy Maintenance: Keeping your slippers in top condition is a breeze. They're washable, so you can easily clean them and let them dry naturally, ensuring they're ready for your next adventure.


Elevate your footwear game with Murrp Original Slippers – where comfort meets durability. Whether you're at home, by the beach, or simply out for a stroll, these slippers offer the perfect blend of style and ease. Step into your comfort zone today and make a statement with every step!




Length (cm/in)

36(230mm) 5 23/9.0
37(235mm) 6 23.5/9.25
38(240mm) 6.5 24/9.4
39(245mm) 7 24.5/9.6
40(250mm) 8 25/9.8
41(255mm) 8.5 25.5/10.0
42(260mm) 9 26/10.2
43(265mm) 9.5 26.5/10.4
44(270mm) 10 27/10.6
45(275mm) 11 27.5/10.8
46(285mm) / 28.5/11.22



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